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BlueskyOpenroad - promotes change

BlueskyOpenroad was created in 2004 as a place focused around change - Personal Change/Life's change. The kind of change that involves choosing a new path and taking that path. We work hard to be worldly in our thoughts and to write in such a way as to support all religions while being non-denominational. Political views appear in our writings to stimulate discussion or create a juxtaposition to help see a point from a different angle. BlueskyOpenroad is about when decisions are made and paths committed to, and committing to a path to get there.

Projects I am involved in are listed in the left hand column. This site is simply one of my anchors, you can find more changes and updates looking into each project or call me..

Our group: We are a group of writers/artists/therapists/dancers who have pooled together to use Art, Health, and Motion as ways to assist in these endeavors.

Art - Health - Motion

Art - we believe that artists are the ones who can create a message which can be delivered to the people. By that we mean that often times art, in various forms, will actually highlight or feature a situation in such a way that people can see/feel/understand a particular point or angle that is important in seeing the whole situation from many peoples points of view. We support those arts and link to them as relevant. Art products: Also the creation of various paintings in multiple media which can depict the various stages of choosing and pondering this path.

Health - we are not including diet in this as that area is so well covered and there are so many thoughts and choices on it. We are covering mental health and relationship health. We support the Do Tell Relationship game site as an example of a game company whose founding core is creating healthy relationships.

Motion - motion to us is movement. Movement in many forms, we focus on dance and various forms of exercise routines. Towards that end we have created and Dance of





New Venture into Radio !!
One of the most fun projects I have ever been in - helping create and promote our new Talk Radio Show: Sports City Chefs

Whether you are into sports or not, you should drop into our weekly show held multiple times per week with this team we have put together from major cities across the country.

If you
would like to write
for one of our sites,
please contact us.

It could be fun.