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December 23rd, 2007, San Francisco, CA.  Do Tell Enterprises kicks off 2008 with their first annual Holiday and Launch Party.  Founder Kathy Jacobson handed out games and a personal thank you to each person on her team who helped make the game launch a reality this year. Click Here for Full Size Group Shot from eMag front page: From front row left: Sima Krames, BX Long, Kathy Jacobson, KJ Pete Kinkead, and Grace. second row: Anne Perkins, Barbara Niepelt, Rosiland Solomon, Anna Bullard, Lexi Olian. Back row: Mary Ohliger, Kathryn D’Olivo and Geoff LaPlace. Taking the picture is Joyce Van Horn. download full res picture - please allow a couple minutes.

The pallets of games arrived Tuesday, December 18th and were quickly used to fill the initial back log of  orders. Two retail game stores got their first delivery plus three more therapists added Do Tell to their tools to help couples achieve a happier and more conscious relationship. Upcoming promotions will include a Valentine’s Day offering.  For more information about Do Tell Enterprises, check back here or their website.

Now, more than ever, it is important to be with people in a fully engaged manner. My Game gives everyone who plays a chance to ”show up” in some unique and unusual ways.

About Do Tell the Game:  The founder, Kathy Jacobson has created a game of discovery: about yourself and the other people you are playing with. Every player gets a chance to “show who they are” in surprising and unique ways. It also gives everyone playing a chance to look deeply, laugh, and enjoy themselves in a rewardingly “present” way. As it says on the box, “Truth is funnier than fiction”.  According to Kathy, “My mission in life has always been to make people feel better".  I know how important laughter is, and I see that many people don’t take time to have fun.  My deepest wish is that DO TELL helps everyone learn how to embrace diversity, live more freely, and feel more joy.”