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Geoff LaPlace Bio


The Artists may be the only ones left
who can deliver the message.

Geoffrey LaPlace, founder of BlueskyOpenroad and partner in other ventures, pursues his ongoing interest in Art, Dance, and Health as well as having a background in business management, wholesale/retail operations, accounting, web based training, and business development.  He is always available to discuss your ideas for new products, new services, and articles in our magazines.

His hope is to use BlueskyOpenroad as a vehicle to develop conscious living worldwide through Art, Motion and Health.  He can be found in the studio, at the ocean, or riding his Yamaha along the ocean cliffs and mountain ridges of this amazing countryside.  When not working on BlueskyOpenroad, he is developing his other businesses to include the sites listed in the left hand column.

He is also in his fourth year of serving the community as a volunteer staff member at the original Haight Ashbury Free Clinic in San Francisco.  He is also associated with other Art and Performance Art groups, notably iKatun out of Boston, Dance Studio Barefoot Boogie, and his friends in the Navy battleship reunion group Sproston 577.